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An essential guide to workplace safety during COVID-19 as illustrated by Vic Di Criscio

Vic Di Criscio making provisions for workplace safety and protecting the well-being of the employees is the owner’s responsibility. The spread of COVID-19 worldwide has introduced a new threat to every business organization, regardless of their functioning nature. Which occur in various settings.

These usually include scanning the forehead for temperature checks and asking fundamental questions about safety. Nonetheless, the exposure risk must get reduce to zero. In this scenario, safety measures for the workplace environment are essential. To help individuals curtail the risk of being infect with a virus.

Vic Di Criscio provides valuable tips for an effective testing program

What is the reliability of the results?

Reliable testing is essential for building a sense of security and trust with the population. The active virus tests are the most reliable ones in recent times. These tests are evaluate and analyzed by the labs and are critical for accuracy.

How easily can the test be administered?

In this regard, there are two primary areas to address, which encompass the time and place of testing and the physical burden of the test. Minimizing or limiting material obligation is essential in case the test needs repetition. The tests that leverage saliva is less troublesome than those that use a nose or throat swab. These tests are unpleasant, invasive, and even painful.

How far is privacy maintained?

The importance of privacy is not just realize but also legally prescribed. The test provider must ensure that they share results with the candidate or employee without delay. Also, respecting privacy is essential so that people do not face any harassment or trauma.

How far is accountability ensured?

For the sake of integrity and accountability. The saliva-based test can also get conduct. You may perform it either onsite or digital platform via video conferences. And has proper documentation.

What is the period for revealing results?

According to Vic Di Criscio, getting the results in hand within a stipulated period is essential to continue with treatment methods so that employee health does not deteriorate. If there is a delay in getting the effects, it may worsen the situation of the patient. Ideally, the result is provided to the individual within 72 hours to limit the virus’s spread. As a result, it is essential to get hold of laboratories to meet the timeline requirement and reduce stress among employees.

As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe work environment and take every step to ensure your employees’ safety and security. Therefore Covid-19 has emerged as the greatest threat to the employee’s health, which affects the company’s overall functioning in the long run.