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MeNtal healthcare during Covid 19 with tips from Vic Di Criscio

Even after more than a year, there seems to be no respite from Covid19  as the novel coronavirus keeps posing new threats in its new variants; the effects of mental stress caused by the disruptive lifestyle are taking a toll on everyone says VIC DI CRISCIO.  Despite taking all possible measures to slow down the spread of the virus and countering its ferocity with vaccines, it still seems to be a long road before we can win the battle. 

The Concerns about health and safety are affecting our well-being. Following the advisories about appropriate hygiene like washing hands with soap frequently, wearing masks in public, and maintaining physical distancing by avoiding crowding are all quite agonizing. Uncertainty about the future is leaving people depressed. It is vital to take proper care of our mental health to stay physically healthy, too, opines Vic Di Criscio.

Staying mentally healthy should be the top goal, and here are some ways to keep stress and anxiety under control.

Limit access to news and information

It is vital to stay well informed about what is going around, but you must access information with some caution to avoid excessive exposure. Consume information selectively only from authentic and reliable sources because unverified and sensational news and information can unsettle your mental poise by confusing you. Gather information from some reliable source like government agencies, news agencies, or the print media. Access information only during a specific time of the day and keep filtering out dubious sources so that the information that reaches you is correct and reliable, even if it has some negativity. After all, you must know about the negatives the positives to know what to keep away from.

Involve in interesting activities

Boredom and monotony arising from prolonged home confinement or restricted outdoor activities can worsen your mental condition. Start taking up some activities at home that help to keep your mind refreshed. Do something that you enjoy most, like cooking or gardening or listening to music, or even playing with the kids. So that you stay involved in some healthy activities that stimulate your mind and you feel happy. Activities that involve your family members create better bonding. And the company of your loved ones gives you the confidence to overcome all adversities.

Look after your body and mind

Look after your body to support your mental wellbeing and foster positivity that helps to drive away from the gloom. Maintain a calm mind by practicing meditation at some convenient time of the day. So that you can better control the situation while staying detached but aware. Allow the negativity to escape from your body by taking deep breaths so that positive energy fills your mind. Which then guides you in the right direction. A relaxed mind ensures a healthy body that adds a feel-good factor to your life and brings happiness.

Avoid shortcuts like taking drugs or alcohol to fight mental stress. Instead, rejuvenate your body and mind by taking healthy and nutritious food that builds immunity and protects your health.