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Vic Di Criscio: 7 secrets to writing blog titles that will get people talking about it

Adding a question, provocative statement or humorous remark to your blog title can draw readers in says Vic Di Criscio.

It’s easy for people to glance over article titles and decide whether it might be relevant to them or not. With that in mind, here are some ways you can get people talking on your blog about the latest project you’re working on. [Add short/relevant anecdote] [Give an example of one of the secrets] [a) Ask a question b) give a provocative statement c) add humor].

1). Asking Questions:

Questions make a reader wonder if they should find out what you have uncovered with this question, making them more inclined to click on the title and read it. For example, “Are You Ready for the Magical New Business Guru Resource?” provokes curiosity and makes someone want to find out more.

2). Provocative Statements:

Writing a strong, provocative blog title can both intrigue and annoy your readers. By making a strong statement you encourage discussion and debate which can bring in new people who simply must chime in their opinion of your post at hand. For example, “Why I Think All Bloggers Are Full of It” is sure to get attention from loyal followers as well as new visitors who might not always agree with you on all issues says Vic Di Criscio.

3). Adding Humor:

Using humor can be an effective way to get readers interested in what you have to say while giving them something they know they will enjoy. If you come across as humorous and not offensive to your readers, they are sure to check out what you have written even if it is a post about something serious. For example, “The Unusual Way I Got My First Traffic Ever” can be turned into a funny blog title that still gets the point of the article across.

4). Future Business Benefits:

Adding a future business benefit or something that might make someone go “Wow!” can make an article title really grabbing for any reader who knows anything about SEO . For example, saying something like “How to earn $100 in One Day without Even Trying (or leaving your house)” gives readers the idea that there is some sort of magic here and they want to find out what the secret is that could potentially make them loads of money.

5). Controversial You versus Them:

The “you versus them” tactic can be an effective way to get readers interested in what you have to say explains Vic Di Criscio. For example, if you write something like, “Why I’m Sick of the Whole Debate on Multitasking Versus Multitasking” it makes people wonder which side you’re taking and whether or not they agree with you.

6). Avoid Cliches Like the Plague:

Avoiding cliches doesn’t mean intentionally misspelling popular phrases; it means writing something new and original that hasn’t been overused by countless other bloggers before you! Using a fresh approach will intrigue your readers before they even click on your post.

7). Ask A Better Question:

Going further than the ordinary question, try asking a better one instead. By writing something like “What Do You Think? (Yes, This is Another Question but It’s Still One Worth Asking)”, you’re posing a more interesting and thought-provoking question that makes people want to continue reading in order to find out what they think about this very topic!

Here are some FAQs recently asked about this section:

Q: I like the secret in the post, but what about its relevance and usefulness?

A: Well, it’s an idea. There are certainly better or more useful ones out there. That being said, hopefully, this list helps you find a way to get people interested in your blog title just enough that they decide to click on it and read what you have written. We’re trying to get down some of the best ideas here so people can see which ones work best!

Q: I came up with something funny/entertaining but the subtitle doesn’t sound very good…how do I fix that?

A: This is where flair for writing comes into plays so if you think of a great concept, read on! If you’re having trouble, try to find some synonyms for the words you’ve already used or just try something new that sounds natural. It’s not always easy integrating random fun into SEO titles, but it can be done if you put your mind to it!

Q: What about all these other bloggers out there with really long titles? How do I compete with them?

A: As mentioned above, all of these blogs are different so this isn’t a case where longer is better. Keep in mind, though, that one of the best ideas can be used as a title even if it’s only two letters long… 😉 Just keep being creative and don’t settle for typical blog names. There’s nothing wrong with being clever or just choosing a random word that you think is exciting. Ultimately, the more you try, the better idea you’ll come up with!


The above is just a collection of ideas that have worked for other bloggers out there says Vic Di Criscio. I hope these blog titles help you with your SEO blogging campaign! If you want to see the latest blogs on our site.