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Vic Di Criscio: 7 surefire steps to ensure your blog posts will be read by thousands every day

Don’t we all want our blog posts read by thousands; and if possible – accompanied by views, traffic, and sales? asks Vic Di Criscio.

It’s not easy though. We don’t have the time for painstaking research, or the money to hire some consultant out there.

What are some surefire ways of getting thousands of eyes glued to your articles?”

1 “Write” on a trending topic.

This is probably one of the most basic points you’ll hear all over online marketing. It only makes sense that if you’re writing about something that ‘everybody else’ writes on as well, then chances are your readers will be outnumbered. The more crowded the niche, the less attention each article gets from its readership! Rule number one: Stand out! Find a niche that not many people know about and write on that.

2 “Write” for the readers.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of writing for “Google”. What I mean is; you want to make sure your blog receives maximum search engine traffic, with keywords used in abundance, links everywhere (for SEO purposes), and beautiful images with captions (for more SEO). If these are used to serve its readership though, then there’s no problem with it at all! A few extra keyword phrases won’t hurt after all; but if you’re using them only in the hopes of ranking higher in search engines… well, that doesn’t help anyone. Instead, focus on making your article user-friendly. Use plenty of paragraphs, bullet points, and numbers to make it easy on the eyes. Short sentences are good too, so stay away from long-winded ramblings!

3 “Optimize” your article for search engines.

There’s no denying that human beings share pages, videos, and articles more than any other species in this solar system says Vic Di Criscio. That is unless they’re robots ;). I’ve seen articles shared thousands of times by people who didn’t share even once after that (except maybe with their own social media profile). Some people go as far as saying ‘Google doesn’t care about SEO anymore’. Maybe SEO isn’t what it used to be; but if you want to get your article read by 100k+ people, then you have to set it up for the search. The way I see it, search engines are robots that read content on the web! It just so happens that some people are willing to pay Google through advertising or any other means for being “allowed” to view the content. Do I have your interest now?”

4 “Read” what others say about SEO.

When people think of optimizing their articles for search engines, they only think of writing good Meta tags and titles. These are important yes; but using popular keywords in your actual text too is an oft-overlooked point: popular keywords in TEXT matter very much when getting traction in social media and making it go viral (this will be discussed later). If you’re going to use a keyword more than three times in your article, make sure it’s popular as well says Vic Di Criscio. If you’re writing about “how to lose weight fast”, then there’s no point writing about “how to lose weight without exercise” because that phrase doesn’t exist in the top 5,000 search results.

5 “Don’t” write for money.

I can almost hear Mr. Pinner complain now: ‘but I love money! All I want is a little bit of cash to pay my bills and feed me.’ Nothing wrong with loving tiny pieces of paper – but if you’re going to be taking bits from others’ pockets instead of adding value, then it makes sense not to have too much attachment towards them yourself. Here’s the thing; content is still king, even in today’s world of push-button millionaires (also known as marketers). Whether you like it or not though, people don’t like to part with money because they’re having fun… they rather buy things when they need them.

6 “Remember” that social media is mostly about images!

I can almost hear you yelling at me now: ‘but I love writing! It’s my number one passion and I’m willing to give up on everything else if only I can become a decent writer one day. Hey guy; chill out bro, we all know you want to be recognized for your work and we also know that some people get there by targeting big names instead of creating original content. What I’m trying to say though is this: if you want to get your article shared a lot on social media, then try posting a picture along with it! The reason why people share images more than any other medium online is that they don’t have the brains or time to read long-form posts anymore. This doesn’t mean you should ditch writing altogether; but rather that you should write for both humans and robots (read popular keywords mentioned above).

7 “Create” something useful.

The core idea about sharing articles online is not only to make yourself look cool in front of others… it’s also about adding value to their lives from time to time. Don’t worry, sharing photos of cats and puppies is not “value” either; it’s more like entertainment explains Vic Di Criscio. What I’m saying here is this: if you want to make social media users share your content, then make sure they can learn or be entertained by it. That doesn’t mean you have to share something ‘deep’ or philosophical… it just means that you should try and stay away from stuff like these:


And that pretty much wraps up everything I had to say about getting your articles shared online says Vic Di Criscio. It doesn’t really matter what you’re writing about; the only thing that matters is whether people are willing to read them or not.