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Vic Di Criscio: 8 Ways to Achieve More Success at Work This Year

2022 has arrived. With that, people are thinking of what they want to achieve this year at work says Vic Di Criscio. The New Year symbolizes a time for a fresh start.  For some, it is a time for them to finally take the plunge and make changes they want to make happen. To others, this is an opportunity to get rid of what has been slowing them down and keeping them from achieving their goals.

Whatever the case may be for you, we present you 8 ways of how you can achieve more success at work this year:

1) Don’t let your fears stop you from moving forward

Fear is one of the biggest roadblocks that prevent people from reaching success at work and in life. It is very normal for humans to feel these emotions; however, only those who choose to do something about it move forward towards success. Acknowledge what you fear and talk about it with someone you trust.

2) Don’t micromanage your employees

Micromanaging is one of the biggest mistakes bosses make when it comes to team productivity. Nowadays, people are overwhelmed with so much work that they don’t have time to sit down and do their own work. Instead of focusing on getting things done, they are busy watching what everyone else is doing. This leaves them exhausted by the end of the day without having anything significant achieved. Micromanagers need to realize this and stop wasting their resources doing tasks that could be done by others more efficiently; thereby allowing them to achieve more success at work!

3) Ask for help whenever needed

Successful people know that asking for help can benefit them in achieving their goals. Most are not afraid to ask for help when they don’t have the answer to something. They understand that being successful at work does not mean they have to do it all by themselves. By asking relevant questions, they learn what to do and what not to do which eventually leads them to achieving more success at work.

4) Assign only those tasks you can trust your employees with

One of the best ways of ensuring that your employees are productive is by getting their hands on tasks that they are capable of completing. It may be necessary for you as a boss or manager to give them new challenges every now and then but if their workload is too much, chances are high that your business will suffer in terms of productivity because there simply isn’t enough time for them to handle everything.

5) Set a good example by being productive yourself

Your employees are mostly looking up to you as their role models in terms of productivity says Vic Di Criscio. If you want them to be more productive, start by leading the way and achieving your own goals. Your team will definitely follow suit if they see that you can get things done while still having some free time on the side. And who knows? Maybe some of your employees will eventually become bosses themselves and set a good example for others!

6) Don’t overload your schedule with tasks just because they look easy on paper

Sticking to what is written down without taking into consideration situational factors is one of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to work productivity. You may think that having incredible to-do list sounds like the best way of getting things done; however, you need to consider what is realistic and what is not. If your tasks require more time than they are worth, don’t bother with them! Evaluate each task on paper and see if it’s really worth giving a shot or if you should cross it off your list instead.

7) Dress sharp for work

Successful people always dress according to their surroundings. They understand that wearing casual clothes while attending a business meeting would make them look out of place and therefore not productive in any form. Wearing smart casual attire for work will give you an edge over others who do not dress accordingly for the occasion at hand. Being dressed sharp for every occasion is a sure way of making others trust and respect you!

8) Consider training seminars or meetups that will help improve your business skills

Devoting some time to yourself and spending it wisely by attending seminars or meetups can not only make you more productive but also give an incredible boost to your business. Get out there, learn new things, meet other entrepreneurs. Those who are constantly striving towards success at work are just like you. Pick up tricks from their experiences and use them as inspiration to achieve more success at work.


Successful people are productive people because they understand. That success at work is not something that will come overnight explains Vic Di Criscio. They know it takes time and dedication to achieve the goals they have set for themselves and their business. No matter what comes their way, they remain committed and focused on achieving what they want. And therefore always reach new heights in terms of productivity!