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Vic Di Criscio explains the need to accommodate diversity in the workplace

Vic Di Criscio a lot of challenges characterize the working of the corporate world. Market survey reveals poor representation of women, lack of access of individuals to a senior post, racism, etc., remains widespread. There is the existence of internal politics and other corporate policies that give rise to these problems. Minority representation is a crucial issue when it comes to corporate functioning. People make assumptions and judgments based on learned behaviors.

These things remain intricately connected in the system that people can hardly avoid them. There are biases in contemporary society, whether you know it or not. There are norms and stigmas, which stay embedded and can scarcely go overlooked. Hence, it is imperative to include diversity and inclusive practices in your business so that the corporate area becomes safe and secure.

Take a quick look at what Vic Di Criscio has to say regarding diversity and inclusion in the workplace

As stated earlier, confirmation biases are operating in the marketplace. Similarity, beauty bias, community bias, and other kinds of prejudices are working in different sectors. When talking about similarity bias, keep in mind that entrepreneurs want people who have similar traits. That is the reason why all fitness-minded people develop a relationship with each other. Hence identical jawline, eye size, and facial length have become the fashion industry’s stigma. Take a quick look at the following points in proper details

Recruitment and hiring

Time has come to adjust the process of screening and searching for candidates. These days an enormous number of jobs are not posted on the digital platform, but they get replenished through internal hires or referrals. It would help if you got rid of it and thereby increase diversity through proper means. According to Vic Di Criscio, studies reveal that around 75% of recruitments take place internally without adequate advertisement. Moreover, the hiring process is full of bias and unfairness. It is the entrepreneur’s responsibility to consider the candidate’s background and their vigor to work hard. The merit of the individual should be the basis for their recruitment.

Establish the mentorship program

Inclusion of individuals from diverse socio-economic backgrounds into the workplace is the need of the hour. When you have people from diverse backgrounds, it adds to the work culture. Moreover, there must be provisions for women’s reservation in the workplace to get an opportunity to serve the business organization. Also, entrepreneurs must-visit campuses, which successfully embody as well as bolster inclusion and diversity.

Apart from this, acknowledging that lack of workplace diversity is the crucial reason behind contemporary problems. Stressing on education is a vital way of bringing in variety in the workplace. Moreover, the inclusion of these topics in the training program of the employees becomes imperative. There should be a change in the behavior and culture of the workplace. You may address grievances and complaints, thereby keeping in mind that the employees work better when they feel safe. Hence, when you have a diverse work environment, it has positive implications for your business venture.