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Vic Di Criscio- How I Make Money with a Small Blog

I’m sure that a lot of you have been wondering just how I’ve been making money with this little blog explains Vic Di Criscio. Well, wonder no more! You’ll be amazed by all the different ways there are to make money with a small blog. It’s enough to keep you from going insane!

Here is how I Make Money with a Small Blog:

  • Even though I started out mainly wanting to build up my social media presence and email list, advertising can still be a great way to monetize your site. Google Adsense is used on most blogs and even if it doesn’t earn much per click (like 50 cents); it’s possible to generate thousands in revenue from it in a year or less. With YPN, you can add additional ads above your articles for an extra boost as well as banner ads on your site.
  • I went the Amazon route and setup an Associates account where I earn a small percentage of anything people buy through my blog posts. This really adds up over time, especially if you’re writing about products that people aren’t familiar with like me. Amazon isn’t paying much (it’s usually around one or two percent), but it can be very profitable in the long run. You can also create links to other products from their affiliate program for an even better profit margin.
  • Paid reviews are another way to generate income from your blog. It’s pretty easy to get free products from companies in exchange for a review, just make sure to explicitly say that you’ll be reviewing their product before they send it to you explains Vic Di Criscio. I got a free iPhone case from Tech Armor in exchange for a review and it’s the best phone case I’ve ever owned!
  • If you have an email list, products can be sold directly through your bulk or auto responder service. Some providers allow you to launch separate landing pages when someone subscribes while others send them right to a sales page on your blog (which is more of a hassle). It all depends on the level of customization that you need and how much work you’re willing to do. You can also sell affiliate products through your list as well as any courses or eBooks that you created.
  • I use PayPal payments and Gum road for my digital downloads and they both great (and are priced competitively). PayPal is more popular and has a better reputation, but Gum road tends to have lower fees for my customers. Neither of them really makes much money though as they both take between five and eight percent of each sale.
  • The most common way to make money with a blog is through ad revenue sharing networks like Media.net or Info links (which I use on this site). They’ll display relevant ads around your content which you’ll split the money earned fifty-fifty with them. These programs are great for smaller blogs because they can automatically find your content without manually approving it first.
  • Selling physical products isn’t something that I’ve explored yet, but there are other bloggers that sell things like t-shirts, hat, mugs, or any other kind of knickknacks with their logo. Once you start getting a decent following, drop shipping is another way to make money by letting others sells your product on their site for a commission. You don’t have to deal with the logistics or inventory at all!
  • If you are interested in starting your own consumer review site, check out this step-by-step tutorial. It’s pretty easy and you could potentially earn thousands every month just from one blog! I’m not here to tell you that it will be easy though because it definitely isn’t. There are plenty of obstacles that come with running a successful blog but it’s worth it when Google sends over those checks every month!

What ways do you earn money from your blog?

How many of you run a blog and make money from it? I’m guessing most…..I will be adding this info to my How to Blog for Profit post. Would love to hear any additional ways to make money blogging that I may have missed.


Blogging can be a way to earn money from home. But, having a blog is NOT the same as being an entrepreneur says Vic Di Criscio.  In order to truly run a business you need market research, human resources and more. In addition, your blog needs to have legitimacy with real content that people want to read.  So, if blogging for cash sounds good to you please remember there’s much more involved in actually running a business!