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Views of Vic Di Criscio about maintaining wellness and wellbeing during the Covid19 pandemic

The kind of life we are leading today amid the Covid19 pandemic that keeps stretching from year to year without any closure insight is taking a massive toll on our mental health. The feeling of spending days in captivity or the inability to roam around freely is only leaving us dejected and depressed. People are struggling to adjust to the new normal that has enforced several behavioral changes and robbed us of the joys of living a free life that only increases our mental agony, observes Vic Di Criscio.  We are all unhappy somehow and are struggling to maintain the right frame of mind. The stress of restricted outdoor activities and prolonged home stays weighs heavily on our minds and drives us towards depression. The uncertainty about the future is hitting us hard.

However, we must brave the odds and work towards maintaining our wellness and well-being to stay healthy. The goal should be to maintain a certain level of activities despite the limitations so that we remain protected from the coronavirus and enjoy life in the way it comes.

Stay active

When you spend more time at home, the thought about how to spend time could only add to your anxiety says Vic Di Criscio. Create a routine to know what to do daily and find some purpose in spending the time by looking forward to completing the tasks on your list.  Start your day with some exercise so that your body and mind get ready to drive you ahead.

The limited space at home should not be a problem because many exercises require minimal or no aids and resources. But are highly effective in meeting your health goals.  You can choose the exercises by referring to some of the online resources that are available in plenty. For more fun while exercising you can do aerobics. Walking a few rounds in the garden or backyard is both refreshing and good exercise. Doing some sit-ups and push-ups is easy and helps to stay active.

Diet and nutrition

The enormous stress developed while staying indoors and the feeling of solitude can drive people toward binge eating. Instead, create a healthy diet plan by following the guidelines of CDC and WHO and follow it strictly. Eat many fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the leafy ones rich in vitamins, and balance them well. With other food rich in protein, fibers, and minerals. Keep away from processed snacks and fast foods. Consume more wholesome food so that your body receives the nutrients inadequate measures.

Have good sleep

To allow the body to recover from the stress, it undergoes throughout the day and refreshes the mind. You must have a sound sleep for 7-8 hours every night. When you wake up the next morning, you feel fully energized to go through the schedule. No matter how arduous it might be.

Sleep repairs our body stimulates hormone secretion, and improves metabolism, resulting in a healthy body and sound mind.